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Chaurita Benjamin at VHS

My name is Chaurita Benjamin, and I am a Special Educator.  I co-teach Math of Finance with Mr. Tramonte Thomas.   (9th Grade Math of Finance).  Mathematics of Finance concentrates on the mathematics necessary to understand and make informed decisions related to personal finance. The mathematics in the course will be based on many topics in prior courses; however, the specific applications will extend the student’s understanding of when and how to use these topics.  Instruction and assessment will include the appropriate use of manipulatives and technology. Topics will be represented in multiple ways, such as concrete/pictorial, verbal/written, numeric/data-based, graphical, and symbolic. Concepts should be introduced and used, where appropriate, in the context of realistic phenomena.  
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Mrs. Chaurita Benjamin
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Morning- 7:45am-8:10am
Afternoon- 3:25pm-4:00pm
Planning- 11:00am-11:55am