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Kathy Ingram at VHS

Hello, I am Kathy Ingram and I enjoy teaching the Financial Services Pathway Courses in the Career Technical and Agricultural Department also known as the CTAE Dept. at Valdosta High School.
The Financial Services Pathway  focuses on money management, including planning, budgeting, investing, and spending. Students will gain career development skills for the finance world with opportunities that expand beyond basic business skills into financial literacy, banking, investing, insurance, and risk management.
Students will earn the Financial Services Pathway Certification by passing the following classes: 
Introduction to Business & Technology 
Financial Literacy
Banking, Investing & Insurance
and also
 Pass the Financial Literacy Certification Test (End of Pathway Assessment).
Contact Information
My Room number is 1201- 128.
Email Address:
Phone number: 229-333- 8540 ext.5031, 5169
Planning Period is 3rd Block 11:40 AM - 1:43 PM
On the following pages you will find helpful information pertaining to my classes