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International Club
Description: The International Club was formed to expose students to cultures around the world. Students will be      encouraged to learn about and interact with people of other cultures. Students will be encouraged to travel and experience other cultures to have a first hand knowledge of the world in which we live. The
International Club will strive to promote tolerance of others and respect of other races, religions, cultures, and belief systems.
We are currently planning trips to Greece and Italy for Spring Break 2021. Our Spring Break 2020 trip to Germany, Italy, and Switzerland has been postponed due to Covid-19. We are planning to travel in June of 2021. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to see Ms. Eldridge or Ms. Broome on the 1502 Hallway. 
It's not too late to travel with us! To join our Spring Break 2021 trip, check out our Tour Enrollment Page.

Sponsors: Ms. Joy Eldridge ([email protected]) (Rm: 1502-124)
                 Ms. Sarah Broome ([email protected]) (Rm: 1502-107
Dues: $0/year