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Enrolling at VHS

Enrolling at VHS

Steps to enrollment at Valdosta High School

1. Parent/legal guardian will provide proof of residency and guardianship.
*If the person enrolling does not have legal guardianship, Probate Court information and a Non-Parental affidavit form will be provided. The affidavit must be returned before continuing enrollment process.

2. Parent/legal guardian will submit completed enrollment packet.

3. VHS will fax a request for records from previous school.

4. VHS will review records received to determine eligibility to enroll at VHS. VHS MUST receive an official transcript and discipline report in order to enroll a student.

5. If eligible to enroll at VHS, VHS will call parent to schedule an appointment with parent and student to enroll student.

6. If not eligible to enroll at VHS, records will be sent to Central Office to be reviewed by the superintendent or designee. Parent will be notified of superintendent’s decision.

The process from receiving enrollment packet to scheduling an appointment to enroll usually takes one to three days. Please be patient. A student cannot be enrolled without an official transcript, discipline records, and IEP (if applicable).

Thank you,
Dr. Janice Richardson

Valdosta High School Principal

Students enrolling after the 2nd week of the semester who have not been attending another school will be referred to Horne Learning Center (HLC) for the remainder of the semester.

Los documentos necesarios para registrarse a VHS están incluídos.