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Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements


Curriculum Required:

English: 4 Credit Units (9th Literature, American Literature, and 2 additional ELA Units)

Math: 4 Credit Units  (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and 1 additional Math Unit)

Science: 4 Credit Units  (Biology, Physical Science/Physics, Enviornmental/Chemistry/AP/IB,                   and 1 Additional Science Unit)

Social Studies: 3-4 Credit Units (Economics, American Govt, World History, and US History)

Health/Personal Fitness: 1 Credit Unit  (Health & Personal Fitness)

Fine Arts, Career Tech, or Foregin Language ** :   3 Credit Units (**Students planning to enter or transfer into a University of Georgia institution must take a minimum of two units of the same foreign language.)

Electives: 5-9 Credit Units (Depending on graduation year)


Credits Required:

Class of 2020: 25 credits required for graduation

Class of 2021: 26 credits required for graduation

Class of 2022: 27 credits required for graduation

Class of 2023: 28 credits required for graduation