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Ms. Rosa Sirmans-Special Education

Good day! My name is Rosa Sirmans. I am a Special Education Teacher here at Valdosta High School. I work with students to assist them to attain success to the best of their abilities. Something I like to share with my students is that we all need help in different areas of learning. With that in mind, no two people learn the same way. It is my goal to meet students where they are and build upon that. 


I co-teach Multicultural Literature class with Ms. Caesar and Mr. Simmons.  This course for freshmen focuses on the study of literary genres (short stories, novels, tales, poetry, mythology, drama, fiction, and nonfiction) by and about people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.  The student explores how literary form affects interpretation as they develop an understanding of both the structure and the meaning of literary works with themes of linguistic and cultural diversity by comparing, contrasting, analyzing, and critiquing writing styles and universal themes.  Students read across the curriculum to develop academic and personal interests in different subjects. Students also demonstrate competency in a variety of writing genres: narrative, expository, persuasive, and technical writing. The students engage in short writing, extended writing, timed writings, and research.  Instruction in language conventions occurs within the context of reading, writing, and speaking, rather than in isolation. The students understand and acquire new vocabulary and use it correctly in reading, writing, and speaking. The students also demonstrate an understanding of listening, speaking, and viewing skills for a variety of purposes.  The course reflects both the Georgia Performance Standards and the Common Core Standards.


Please feel free to contact me by calling (229)333-8540 extension 5285 or by emailing me at

My schedule is as follows:

8:15-9:50    Multicultural Literature with Mr. Simmons

9:58-11:32  Multicultural Literature with Mr. Simmons

11:40-1:43  Multicultural Literature with Ms. Caesar

12:12-12:42 Lunch

1:51-3:25    Planning