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College Readiness Math-4th Block (Period 4)

Course Description

College Readiness Mathematics focuses on key content and practice standards to ensure that students will be ready for post-secondary academic courses and career preparation in non-STEM fields. The course will revisit and expand the understanding of content standards introduced in earlier mathematics courses and will emphasize numeracy, algebra and functions, geometry, and statistics in a variety of contexts.

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Edpuzzle | 11235 Graphing Quadratics - Standard Form

1) Watch the edpuzzle video with no topic first. This is a review of major characteristics of quadratics function graphs.
2) Watch the edpuzzle video "11235 Graphing Quadratics-Standard Form" You must answer the questions throughout the video to move forward.
3) Complete the example problems on the back of the vocabulary worksheet given to you earlier.


Oct. 17th Quadratics Checkpoint #1-Edulastic

After completing assignments 1-3 from Oct. 16 please click on the link below and it will take you to Edulastic login screen. To login click on login with google. If that does not work login with your username (your lunch number) and the password is edulastic. You will need a password when ready to take the quiz so see your teacher.


Oct 16th Assignment 3

View the Graphing Quadratics powerpoint and complete the guided note sheet as you view the presentation.


Edpuzzle | ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Quadratic Functions - Explained, Simplified and Made Easy

Assignment: Click on the video "Quadratic Functions Explained and Simplified." As you go through the video complete the questions and the vocabulary worksheet given to you by your teacher.