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Miss Valdosta High Scholarship Pageant » Miss Valdosta High Scholarship Pageant

Miss Valdosta High Scholarship Pageant

Miss Valdosta High School Scholarship Pageant

Contestant Guidelines

1. Contestants must be female and a Valdosta High Student for the 2015-2016 school year.

2. Contestants must submit a completed application, teacher recommendation, and parental consent form by Nov 20, 2015.  Late applications will not be accepted.

3. Contestants must have a 2.0 overall GPA (weighted) and currently be in good academic standing in all classes.  Guidance counselor and teacher signatures are required.

4. Contestants should not have any major disciplinary offenses . If an incident occurs after we receive your application and entrance fee, you will be disqualified. No refund will be given.

5. Contestants will have to pay an entry fee of $75. This fee will pay for your pageant t-shirt and a portion of your introduction outfit.

6. Contestants that are pregnant will not be allowed to compete. No refund will be given.

7. Contestants should not hold any other pageant titles that would prevent her from completing her duties as Miss Valdosta High School.

8. Contestants must be able and willing to attend ALL practices, appearances, and meetings.  If you must be absent from practice due to illness or other approved absence, it must be discussed with Ms. Blankumsee or Mrs. Turner in advance.  One excused absence is allowed.  Contestants who miss practice in excess or without prior approval will be disqualified from winning Miss VHS; however, contestants will still be eligible for other prizes.  Rehearsals the week of the pageant, especially dress rehearsal, are mandatory.

9. Contestants must participate in the pageant community service projects. Contestants will receive documentation of their participation as evidence of community service hours earned. The winner of the 2016 Miss VHS Pageant will choose the charity for the next year’s pageant participants.

10. Contestants must sell sponsorships for the pageant program. Each contestant is required to sell a minimum of $200.00 worth of ads for the program.

11. Contestants should show good sportsmanship and be exemplary representatives of Valdosta High School at all times.  Contestants showing less than sportsman-like behavior will be disqualified from the pageant.

12. Contestants will receive a box in December to decorate for the People’s Choice Award. Boxes must be decorated and returned by dress rehearsal.