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Parents » Car Rider Pick-up Procedures

Car Rider Pick-up Procedures


To pick up a student from VHS after school …

1. Enter the campus from the main entrance off of N. Forrest Street and follow traffic to the right. Pick up your student(s) and exit the parking lot using the gate back to Eastwind (nearest the red light).

2. Enter the campus using the second gate off of Eastwind (nearest the water tower). The first vehicles to enter can park in the allotted parking spaces and wait for their student(s). As the lot fills, vehicles should form a line that follows the right hand side of the parking lot, pick up your student(s), and then circle to the left and exit the same gate you entered back to Eastwind. Avoid randomly driving around the lot as this causes confusion and safety issues.

3. In case of INCLEMENT WEATHER form a line AFTER ENTERING the EASTWIND gate to pick up your student near the cafeteria porch area on the water tower side of the school.

Observe safety precautions and watch for walking students and other vehicles.

Please DO NOT park or drive your vehicle on the grassy area between our two parking lots.
We need the area to remain grassy for school activities. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.