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The majority of scholarships are for graduating Seniors! Although you can often find an essay type contest that is open to other grade levels.
Seniors! Remember, there are MANY scholarships out there and it is your job to find them! We are happy to provide you with a list of sites to help you on your search!
Most importantly, you do not ever need to pay a sight to look for scholarships! There are so many free ones out there! You can search by degree interest, ethnicity, state, school, or even scholarship deadlines!
Also, remember to see Mrs. Shiver about getting a Brag Sheet to go along with those recommendations you will need! You can also find the link to print a brag sheet below under "How to Complete Your Scholarship Applications".
College Covered
Fast Web
UNCF Scholarship Search
Unigo Scholarship Search Site
College Green Light
LNESC Scholarship Page
(League of United Lation American Citizens- National Educational Service Center)
Hispanic/Latino American Scholarship Search
Have other search engines that are FREE and you LOVE to use for your scholarship search?
Let us know! Email Mrs. Gaskins at
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Once you find those scholarships, what is the best way to complete an application? 
First, start a scholarship folder or packet that contains all the information required by most scholarships. This way you can have all the information on hand each time a new scholarship comes your way. You'll need a copy of your transcript, your GPA and class rank, a copy of your SAT or ACT scores, 2-4 letters of recommendations, a resume or vitae, the names & phone numbers of 2-3 additional references, and an essay (see information on writing the essay). Contact records or your school counselor to get a copy of your transcript, your GPA, and class rank. You can print your SAT or other admission scores from the testing website. 
Second, complete a BRAG SHEET. Most scholarships require 1-3 letters of recommendations. The BRAG SHEET is a way to share information about yourself with your recommenders, allowing them to write the best recommendation possible. Complete the BRAG SHEET with as much information as you can; often it is best to elicit the help of your parents, guardians, coach, club leaders, etc to help you with this process. Once completed, you can bring the sheet back to your VHS counselor to have copies made for sharing. A copy of the BRAG SHEET can be picked up in guidance or you can print one from the word document attached at the bottom of this page. 
Third, prepare your essay. Many scholarships ask for the same information, even the same type essay. Yet  you do want to make sure that it is adjusted to fit each individual scholarship. Read up on information or suggestions on how to write that essay. You can also ask an English/Literature teacher at VHS for help in reading your essay. Some helpful websites: Make Your Scholarship Essay Stand Out, Write a Winning Essay, Essay Example, and How to Write a Resume
Fourth, be aware of your deadlines and how you should return your scholarship. Some require that you hand deliver it to a certain individual, others require that it be received by a certain date in the mail, or even others require it to be postmarked by a certain date. 
Fifth, when in doubt, ask your school counselor! We are here to help! 
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